The company offers the following IT services and solutions:

Development of IS and applications 0%
System administration 0%
Network Solutions 0%
Cloud service 0%
Education 0%

Development of IS and applications

We offers:

  • Custom software applications and solutions
  • Web programming – HTML / HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP
  • Mobile programming – iOS, Android, Windows 8
  • Core technologies – Java, JavaEE, .NET, Python, C / C ++
  • Database management relational systems – Oracle DB, MS SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Skills in specialized IT spheres

System administration

IT Flight offers administration and support of local (LAN) and remote networks (WAN), information and communication systems as well as management systems.

The team is made up of highly qualified specialists, certified by Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and has a hands-on experience in systemic administration and deployment of solutions to large corporate clients and customers from the State Administration.


Network Solutions

Our company has practical experience and high technological knowledge in the following activities:

  • Design and construction of WAN and LAN wireless communication systems including high level of security and protection;
  • WAN and LAN management;
  • Manage VPN routers and firewalls;
  • Creating recommendations for network connectivity;
  • IP telephony.

Cloud services

We offer cloud servers, private virtual cloud solutions, as well as specialised services in creating Private Clouds and Hybrid Clouds and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)


We have licensed Vocational Training Center. We provide affordable IT, Business and Language Learning. Training with us is fun, reveals a new passion, you will acquire skills that will change your life positively.

Full integration with a practical work environment. Virtual Classroom. Momentual, bilateral feedback. Rich library in Bulgarian.

Cloud based server labs – we use a hybrid cloud physically located in a datacenter. Any operating server training and test server systems can be installed by preserving and restoring the physical state of the servers to date or on a specific date.

Our lecturers have practical experience, high qualifications and numerous certificates


Why choose us?

IT Flight maintains a policy of close collaboration and collaboration with its customers in researching and analyzing existing information issues, choosing, delivering, installing and maintaining technical and programming tools, developing specific systems, and training a users.